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Super Mario - The Classics | Orchestrated

Super Mario - The Classics | Orchestrated


Super Mario - The Classics Orchestrated

Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3… I slowly made my way through them as a kid. There’s no feeling quite like hearing those joyous plinky-plonky tunes again. So, I thought I’d breathe some life into these classics so that everyone else can relive their adventures with Mario in full orchestral goodness!

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My Nintendo News:

'Featuring some of the greatest thematic and overworld tracks from the first Super Mario Bros through to Super Mario 64, Trend Orchestra’s rendition is bold, hitting all the right notes to evoke the pleasurable platforming nostalgia from the ’80s and ’90s.' 

About the Artwork

This artwork was provided by the very talented Sephirot Art a freelance digital artist, concept artist, character designer and illustrator in the Game Industry.. I came across his work on Artstation (a great place to trawl through fan art). One of his projects was an isometric design inspired by Mario. Instantly, I saw its potential for my album cover. I feel like the little floating island perfectly depicts the light-heartedness and adventure of Super Mario. So, he very kindly made some edits for me and you can see the final piece above. Super pleased with it!

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