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Adventure Time: Orchestrated

Adventure Time


Adventure Time:


You guys asked for it and I listened. I’m so happy to bring you my second album of Adventure Time arrangements. I really tried to breathe a little Trend Orchestra magic into these pieces and turn them into more of a performance. Arranged for an emotive story-like experience with your favourites from Adventure Time. Featuring vocals from the wonderfully talented, Jazz Flowers and Keith Davis. Mastered by John Elleson-Hartley from MUSIKLAB.

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About the Artwork

When discussing the artwork for this album with my artist, it wasn’t as easy to decide on the composition. My previous Adventure Time album had an obvious concept ‘Themes from Marceline’ - this time around, it’s a bit of a mixed bag of Adventure Time pieces so we had to go for something a little more broad. One of the really nostalgic things about Adventure Time is its characteristic landscapes. So, we decided to go for a view from the tree house looking over at the mountains. I’m so pleased with the outcome.

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