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Adventure Time - Themes from Marceline

Adventure Time


Adventure Time:

Themes from Marceline

Adventure Time has something for everyone, no matter what age you are. It's typically known for it's loopy humour but what I didn't realise was that it has some really deep moments. This album takes songs sung by Marceline and expands on them. I wanted to turn them in to more well rounded, emotionally driven songs. Featuring vocals from the wonderfully talented, Jazz Flowers.

About the Artwork

Whilst looking through the Ice King's scrap book, Marceline finds a message from Simon directed at her. It reveals his anguish at losing himself as his magic crown transforms his mind, and his fear that Marceline will lose him as a friend as he continues to transform. The message also explains that the crown's magic was helping him survive the Mushroom War, and that he knows he has to protect Marceline in this destroyed world. He is torn between his need to protect her from its danger and from himself as he loses his mind.

In the artwork, you can see the Ice King's crown on the ground with the shadow of young Marceline and Simon holding hands, cast over it. This artwork tells the story of the song 'I remember you' which is track 04 of the album. Huge shout out to the extremely talented artist behind the piece, Vincent Venoir. View his YouTube here.

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